Gelato Downloads

This directory contains patches against Linux kernels, generated by the Gelato@UNSW project.

Most of our ongoing work is available from our CVS Repository. You may view it online using the web interface or check out from it anonymously with a command like

$ cvs -z 9 -d login
{enter "anoncvs" as the password}
$ cvs -z 9 -d co [projectname]

User mode device drivers

We have been doing work on user-mode device drivers (see UserLevelDrivers on the Wiki). Patches to provide kernel support are in usrdrivers or from the usrdrivers project in CVS. We have not yet released any code for the actual drivers.

Performance Measurement

Microstate Accounting

Patches are in the ustate directory or in the microstate project in CVS.

Programs to use the patch are in msa.tar.bz2. Sample output is here (showing mpg123 skipping because of slow disc activity):

Graph showing mpg123 skipping

Debian Packages

We occasionally put up debian packages for various things.

If you add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.conf:

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main
then these will be made available.

There used to be LBD-patched versions of file system software on this site; these patched versions are no longer necessary.

Long Format VHPT

The Ia64 architecture has a hardware page table walker known as the Virtual Hash Page Table(VHPT) walker. Gelato@UNSW have been maintaining the long format VHPT originally written by Mathew Chapman. A series of patches have been produced that ports Mathew's original work to the 2.6.x Linux kernel, and can be found in the Long Format VHPT directory or in the lvhpt project in CVS.

Large Block Device work

The 2.5 series large block device work is now in the standard 2.5 kernel, so has been removed from here.

There are patches against 2.4 series kernel in this directory These has been tested only to the extent of making sure it compiles. Theoretically raid0 and linear should work; I'm certain raid1, raid4 and raid5 will not work. In any case, RAID is limited to a maximum of 2TB minus one block per member.
There is discussion on the Wiki that describes the patches, what it does, and its limitations.